Healthi is completely free for you and your family to use, and always will be.

It's available on both Android and Apple Devices.

In case of emergency, you’re always able to access your health records.

Handle permissions so you can view records from the rest of your family.

It's a fast and easy solution to manage your family's health records on the go.

Up to date records to refer to, no matter when or where!

Connected to your myGov Account

Healthi uses your myGov account details to access your My Health Record information. A user entered PIN secures the Healthi app, and your data is safely accessed from your device.

Information directly from your Healthcare provider

Documents displayed can be sourced from GP's, Public and Private Hospitals, Allied Health Professionals and other health providers registered to upload records to the My Health Record.

All of your health information in one place

The number and type of documents available to you will depend on what your healthcare providers have uploaded to your My Health Record, or what you have personally entered.

“Healthi allows you to save time and ensure accurate sharing of information by carrying your medical data with you and having it available to relevant healthcare providers” – Geoff Rohrsheim, Director of Chamonix

FAQ + Help

Yes, Healthi has security measures in place to protect your records. If you would like to know more about the security you can read the security policy here.
Healthi securely retrieves and displays to you the private healthcare information from the My Health Records that you are authorised to access. We do not keep a copy of your information. If you would like to read more about the privacy policy you can do so here.
If Healthi shows “3 of 6” next to the medication name, this means there are 3 known dispenses of 6 total permitted supplies (1 original and 5 repeats). There could be other dispenses that happened without a record being uploaded. To accurately report the number of repeats remaining, all prescription and dispense records must be uploaded to the My Health Record. If there is a question mark shown, like “1 of ?”, this means the prescription record is not available, and the total number of repeats is unknown.
If you want more information about My Health Record visit the My Health Record website or call the Help line on 1800 723 471.

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