Is my health information safe?
Healthi temporarily downloads your health information directly from your My Health Record to your device. For more information about how the My Health Record system keeps your data safe see the privacy and security policy at Your personal information is only stored on your device while in use. As soon as you log out or the app is closed all information is cleared and Healthi will re-download it from your My Health Record when you next log in.
What health information will Healthi download from the My Health Record?

Healthi temporarily downloads your list of medications, allergies, Medicare benefit items, personal information, and documents from the My Health Record.

How will we use your information?
Your health information is never collected, or sent to any third parties by Healthi. Healthi may send non-identifying information (such as crash reports) to Microsoft analytics to improve the app. The following information is sent by Healthi to Microsoft analytics:
  • Crash Reports
  • Crash reports are sent to Microsoft analytics to assist us in quickly finding and fixing any bugs that may occur while using the app.
  • Information on how the app is used
  • Healthi also sends basic information about what parts of the app are used (such as what screens are commonly visited). This allows us to focus our development effort on features that interest the greatest number of users.
  • Device information
  • Phone model, operating system, broad non-specific location data, and language.
    Device information allows us to ensure that the app works with a wide range of devices.